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Don’t fight the system

We all have one story or another of how ‘the system’ has failed us or someone close to us. So that whether we therefore fight against the system or put up with it, we generally view it as a bad thing.

Nature and science teaches us that the most efficient way to get things done is through a system. Our biological make up is a combination of systems, like respiratory, reproductive, circulatory etc. When a system is not working as it should, we need to repair it or replace it with one that does. In other words, we look for ways to improve it rather than trying to bring it down.

Every system is set up to meet a genuine need and even though it may be hijacked, the need it was meant to fill always remains valid. If systems that we trust and depend on seem to be failing us, we have a choice to fight for improvement, or to seek alternative systems which would fulfil the same function. If your family fails you, reach out to friends that will be there for you. If a government service fails you, there are opportunities to be explored with non-government or private institutions.

Systems are never the problem, so let’s channel our energies into solving for the right things and not waste time fighting against fundamental principles that make us try to reinvent the wheel rather than repair it or replace it.