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I remember back in my secondary school days when certain trouble makers, who had more talk than action, were challenged to take it outside, they would come out with a group of friends who were there to save them by holding back both parties from actually kicking it off. You see, the troublesome one had figured out that they needed an intervention to keep them from being beat up when they had taken on a little bit more than they could handle.

From time to time in life we do take on more than we can handle, and without timely intervention we can get beat up, and sometimes really badly too. A few years back I struggled on a new job I got, and for weeks I did not bring up my issues with a mentor that could help me because I was trying to figure it out on my own. When I eventually spoke to him, he had loads of advise that could have saved me days of agonising over a very difficult situation, but I never sought the intervention in good enough time.

What are you facing now that is threating to swallow you up? It might be your health, a relationship, a business, a course of study, your finances or some other future plan. You need to reach out to your circle of friends and family who are able to hold you, and keep that situation at bay long enough for you to come out of it unscathed. Never let yourself be too far away from who and where you can get an intervention.