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Why copy?

As part of the development of my business, I have recently had to look into protection of intellectual property (IP). This involves getting necessary legal protection like patents, trade marks and copyright for ideas, inventions, brands etc.

This protection gives rights to the creator of the IP so they are recognised for their novel idea and can profit from it. It is also meant to deter those that will want to copy the idea.

Not too long ago, the two leading mobile phone companies Apple and Samsung were locked in such a battle over IP of their phones with one of them winning the case and collecting substantial funds from the other.

We get upset when people try to copy us and even go to great lengths to either deter them or punish them for doing so.

Have you ever considered that copying is essential for the development of mankind?

For the first few years of a child’s life, all they do is copy, that’s how they learn to speak, play, love and be what they can be.

If you are being copied, maybe it is a testament to your qualities of leadership, excellence, innovation and influence.

If you are being copied maybe it’s because you are worth copying.

No one ever copies a bad idea that contributes no value.

So the next time someone copies you, feel complimented. 

It is also a good idea to copy what others are doing in an ethical way. If they have invented the wheel, then why struggle to do the same?

If no one is copying you, what more can be said?