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Cause and effect

My daughter is 11 months and very curious. She has now discovered the light switch and is absolutely thrilled when she presses it and the light goes on or off. It is immediate! The effect follows the cause instantly.

It is quite gratifying when we put in an effort, however little or large, and get the results almost immediately. Sadly, most things in life do not respond that quickly and sometimes we give up on our cause because the effect did not show up after we waited for quite a long while.

There are two areas where the misconception about cause and effect can particularly harm us. One is where we do the wrong things and because we seem to get away with it, we do not correct our actions that are undesirable. The other is when we do the right things and don’t seem to reap the rewards of it and therefore give up desirable actions.

Always remember the seed principle when you are not seeing an immediate return on your effort.
1. You will reap what you sow
2. You will reap later than you sow and
3. You will reap more than you sow

Let this be your guide when it comes to cause and effect.