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Why cry over spilt milk?

Everyone makes bad decisions from time to time. Some of those decisions cause us to regret the actions that we took or did not take. For me to regret, I must recall the thing I have done. I somehow make a journey back into my past and closely watch the steps that led up to my actions. I relive that experience for a very brief moment of time. The problem is that the brevity of my flashback triggers emotions that linger possibly for days. 

No matter what I do to change the past, it doesn’t budge. Sometimes I try to deny it, but the record still remains. I try to explain it away, but I am still left with a nagging complaint. I paint over it, but it still has a taint that won’t cover. What can be done to fix my past? How can I resolve my regret? We have all kinds of fantasies about time travel, going back to fix the past so that we can erase some part of our present or future and make it more bearable. But the truth is that once an event has occurred, it is past and nothing can be done to change it.

The only reasonable way to deal with the past and regret is to learn from it, and then leave it where it belongs, behind you. There is no point crying over spilt milk.