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I plan to or I will?

Still on the issue of plans and planning, “I plan to…” could inevitably become a cop out to not do what one is meant to do.
So what could cause the magic of planning to become another lazy excuse? The answer is simple but the enemy it exposes is wiley – Procrastination.

Procrastination pushes plans past possibility. 
This is because the very nature of procrastination takes away the need for immediate action, while the aim of a plan is to spur you on to focused action that achieves possibilities.

Once a plan is completed, it should immediately be linked to an action. I plan to succeed should change to I will succeed. I plan to loose weight should change to I will diet or I will exercise. I plan to grow financially should change to I will start saving.

Link your plans to their impending actions and change your lingo from “I plan to…” to “I will…”