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Easy like Sunday Morning

The song Easy by Lionel Richie tells of the struggles of a man wanting to be free from the expectations of those around him. There is nothing wrong with people having expectations of you, but when those expectations place you in a mould that is not you, they become unhealthy shackles.

I like Sunday mornings, because there is a sense of a rest, refresh and reset that kicks in. The week has ended, the weekend has peaked and the new week is anticipated. There is a searching within checking up if one is being true to what their life is meant to be. I find Sundays to be surreal.

As you look within, don’t let the world around you succeed in putting you into an unhealthy mould. Don’t get into the habit of faking to fit in, pretending to be the part or acting to be accepted. It is better to be in the right crowd than the ‘in’ crowd.

Next time you feel the pressure to be something that you are not, cut yourself some slack and just take it easy like Sunday morning.