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May the best team win

What qualifies a person or a team to be described as the best in a competition among others with whom they are evenly matched? The question seems simplistic and the answer even simpler, however, there are many things to consider on how events eventually play out.

The one who wins is said to be the best, but in any competition worth its salt, the winner usually has to go through a number of battles with various opponents, and those who win consistently make it to the final where they face off with another who has a similar number of wins under their belt.

As the best of the best face each other, what gives one the advantage over the other? Is it the discipline and skills they have developed? Is it the hard work and determination? Is it the organisation and team work? Is it the strategy they have employed? Is it the faith they have to win? Is it the stamina they have developed over many seasons of practice? Is it the will to keep going and not give in to the weariness that sets in as the play time extends?

Maybe it is all of this and more, so that whatever happens they remain standing with more points than the opponent had managed. Someone might say, maybe it was a bit of luck that played a part to make them come out on top. Then again, if indeed they put in all that was required to win and displayed the tenacity of a victor, maybe they did deserve that luck.