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Bicycle motion

Learning to ride a bicycle can be quite a scary thing and you always wonder if you will ever get the hang of it. I remember those feelings today as I taught my son how to ride his bike like a big boy without the stabilisers.

He got on the bike and he wobbled and fell. When he was able to get some motion, he would steer in one direction and then fall again. Without him getting his balance right, he just could not ride that bicycle effectively.

This reminds us of the importance of balance when it comes to making progress in life. There is a balance to every principle that we work with. You cannot be all about food and neglect exercise, you cannot neglect rest for work, or forget saving as you are earning.

The better we are able to balance things, the more progress we can make in life. It may seem like one will never get the hang of having the right balance, but just like with learning to ride a bicycle, the more you practice, the more you get it until it becomes like second nature.