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Don’t give up quickly

I remember being really stubborn as a child and would hold out for as long as I possibly could insisting on what I wanted, much to the frustration of my parents. I just didn’t like or want certain things, like tomatoes, which made me feel ill. As I have grown, I have become more tolerant of the things I once resisted so vehemently.

Parenting sometimes has a way of robbing children of some great qualities, in the name of training them, and if we do not do it the right way, we end up robbing them of their ability to reason and assert themselves in this world. They could be given cultural ideologies which fight the very essence of creativity and innovation which every child seems to be born with.

One of the abilities that gets worn down in a child is that of not giving up quickly. In learning to walk or talk, children never give up, saying it is too hard. They know it is their next developmental step in life and therefore keep at it until they get it and become good at doing it.

So why do we then as adults give up so quickly on the things that are meant to be for our next level of development? We may have a thousand excuses to give which may seem really valid, but deep down we know that we should have followed through.

Stop and take an assessment of your life right now and identify every area where you have given up. Ask yourself why, and if that thing is instrumental to your next level, you will need to pick it up again with a dogged determination to follow it through, just like you insisted on your own way when you were a child.