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A way out

Have you ever heard that there is light at the end of the tunnel?
I have always wondered about this as the light at the end of the tunnel does not help a person trapped in the tunnel in total darkness to find it.

Reading the stories of people who have been trapped in caves, tunnels, mines etc. They all had one thing in common, this was the hope of coming out of that place. Somehow what they believed and held onto in their hearts kept them going until they were able to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

The way out was predicated on the hope of seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. We don’t know how long the situation caused by the COVID-19 would last, we don’t know how long lock down and social distancing would last, but if we are to make it to the other side, we must keep hope that we will get to the other side.

Remember the 33 Chilean miners who were rescued from a mine after 69 days? Or the Thai boys who were rescued from the cave after 17 days? They kept hope alive and they made it out of conditions which were thought impossible to survive in.

There is a way out and the map of that way out is in the hope in our heart.