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Get it for the long run

I don’t know about you, but I get very excited when I get something new. That feeling of owning a new thing especially If it is of reasonable value is quite intoxicating, so much so that some get addicted to always buying something new. 

To get the best value out of anything, there must be a mindset about using it for the long run. The honeymoon period of its newness will wear out, then the real purpose of getting that thing will stare you in the face.

I got one of these new standing brush and pans, you can use it to sweep up dirt without bending down. For the first few days there was an excitement to use this thing to sweep the carpets, but as time went by the brush and pan were left to themselves and so were the carpets. The excitement of the new thing fizzled away and with the excitement gone, it somehow dampened the drive to use it on purpose. I got the brush to clean the carpet, but I seemed to put the excitement of the brush before the purpose of cleaning the carpet.

When the honeymoon is over do you remember why you got married, the new baby, job, car, house, phone, computer, office, supplies, etc? 

It’s great to enjoy the feeling of something new, but you will get more out of it if you keep the purpose of that thing front and centre of your mind and you are prepared to go with it for the long run.