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Purpose, pursue and progress

The start of any great endeavour always begins with a why, what we call purpose.
I like to think of purpose like a seed, because within it is all the information, innovation and motivation to grow to become what it is supposed to be. An acorn seed will never grow into a  grapevine no matter what interventions are made to it.

It is not enough to have a purpose, you must pursue it. There are many gifted people with great ideas and a sense of purpose but they are lacking pursuit. There were some seeds that were recently discovered in the Pharaohs tombs in Egypt, they were thousands of years old and had never released their potential, scientists were still able to detect that their potency was intact and they would grow once planted. Your why will always produce whenever you actively engage it.

To pursue requires doing enough homework to ensure that purpose is realised. There is a season to plant tomatoes, there is a climate and ground that makes it yield. Pursuit requires wisdom, patience and faith in the process.

Once a purpose connects with one who pursues, the result is usually progress. You cannot put the cart before the horse and expect to make any advances.

The next time you are struggling to realise any progress, think about the seed, ask yourself if you started from a place of purpose. If so, keep pursuing, progress will not be absent much longer.