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A trigger has the potential to unleash a very powerful force that if not directed judiciously could end up harming others.
We are bombarded with news on almost a daily basis about some trigger happy being that ended the lives of others for whatever reason they had in their head.
The real trigger however was not the one on their loaded weapon, the trigger sat in their mind.

Our mind stores up all the instructions for how we act consciously or subconsciously. It is the seat of logic and emotions.
The sight of some types of crawling insect will evoke very different responses in different people. To some it will create fear and they will flee, to others it will create disgust and they will proceed to get rid of it. Yet to one group it will create desire as they capture it for a good meal.

What do you have stored in your mind? What triggers your emotions and resultant actions?

Understanding yourself and knowing your triggers are key to self control.

How many times have you said what you shouldn’t have because you were provoked? What triggered your tongue?

How many times have you acted in ways you still regret because you were out with friends? What triggered your vices? 

How many times have you spent more than you made? What triggered your extravagance?

How many times have you judged someone because of how they appeared or what they said? What triggered your hate?

The ability to hurt and destroy is controlled by triggers, especially those that are internal. The ability to love and to build are also controlled by triggers. Let’s hold onto our triggers and only release them for a cause that is good.