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Behave yourself

People love to have what they consider a good time, it is one of the basic human traits for self satisfaction.

An issue however arises when our quest for a good time puts ourselves and others at risk. This is where the value of self discipline is needed.

At this festive time of the year there are several Christmas parties to attend, so it wasn’t surprising when the regional head of my company sent out two emails in less than a month reminding us that as much as we enjoy ourselves, we should be careful to preserve our personal reputation as well as that of the company.

You would think it is a given that responsible professionals would have this at the back of their minds always, but the truth is, discipline is not easy or likeable however necessary it may be.

Spider-Man was told by his uncle, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

As we go into the holiday season exercising our great power of gratification, remember that with great enjoyment should come great self control.