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Which sound is in your ear?

I went to a military secondary school and occaisionally we would be taken on a long trek or jog under the hot sun or in the rain. This was not one of those activities that anyone looked forward to in itself, but one thing that our commanding officers would do was to get us to sing or chant.
As soon as the song or chant was lifted up and we got into it, the mood of the whole platoon would follow suite causing the pain of those tired legs and arms to drown in the sometimes meaningless melodies.

Have you ever had a boring or arduous task to complete and found that it became a bit more bearable when you put on one of your favourite tunes? I read somewhere about factories in the Far East that played music on the production floor to increase productivity.
There is something about hearing words, music, beats etc. that creates an instant reaction in the core of your being. I am sure you may have put on a track or two which you listened to on a long drive, flight or run. 

If listening could create such an impact from your outer hearing, then which sound would you keep close to your ears outwardly but more importantly on your inside?
Find that voice that makes you feel like the champion that you are and leave it on repeat inside your ear.