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An ingridient for confidence

Have you ever met someone who was so confident yet thier display of knowledge was like a toddler walking for the first time, or the one who wields knowledge like a samurai warrioir handles a sword, yet totally lacking in confidence? They both end up producing the same outcome, nothing!

I used to think that knowing enough would breed much confidence to be able to approach anyone and get what I wanted in life, but knowledge as important as it is was not enough. There are many holders of degree’s who have not been able to achieve much in life based on that knowledge they acquired.
Understanding however is a key ingredient to confidence and inevitably massive results. If I know it, I can talk about it but it may not necessarily be my experience. If I understand it however, I can identify and bring together what is necessary to replicate it. 

A man may know how a child is born, but his wife understands how she delivered their son.
A financial analyst may know how to invest, but Warren Buffet understands how to turn a little investments into many millions.
You may know all the rules about football, yet Lionel Messi understands how to win a world class game.

What do you know and what do you understand? Turn your knowledge into understanding and watch your confidence grow to the point where you are able to inspire others and produce unbelievable results every time.