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What will you rather have?

“Don’t walk away from what you are not satisfied with, walk towards what you will rather have”. I heard this advice a few times in the past, and it only made sense to me when I got into a situation where I needed to change my job. I was so caught up in walking away from that job that my life became focussed on what was negative, and I could hardly see any opportunities ahead of me.

This went on for months and nothing changed while I slid further down the slopes of despair. I spoke with a friend who showed me the possibilities in a career change, and this got me excited. I began to focus on making that change. A few more months went by, but this time they were filled with hope. I eventually landed a much more lucrative job and transitioned to what I wanted.

They say nature avoids a vacuum, so whenever you move away from what you do not want without an intentional move towards what you do want, the result is that you create more space for what you do not want.

Be very clear about what you would rather have, no matter how small it is, that is the only sure way to truly leave where you are.