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You have the price to pay

In 2014 after I had finished my masters degree in the UK, I did not secure a job and so was barely able to pay my living expenses. I also had a balance of school fee’s to pay and felt like such a failure that I desired to flee to my birth country, Nigeria. The problem was, I did not have the price to pay for my ticket. Over the course of about three months and a focus on what to do next rather than on my predicament, I was able to earn a few thousand pounds, so I cleared my debt and had enough left for the price of my ticket. This was possible because I used the few pounds I had to buy some equipment to perform interior decoration. The equipment enabled me to complete a few jobs which gained me the funds I needed.

As I reflect on that part of my life it makes me realise one thing, that is, there’s always enough in our hands to pay the price for our next level. It also made me aware of two things about the price of greatness.

Firstly, you may have a smaller amount than what greatness demands, but you can earn interest on what you have, when you use it, to gain what you need to pay the greater price. The price for greatness is always paid in levels and you will have to work out what sacrifice to make at each level, knowing that the right decision will yield you the price you need for the next level.

Secondly, the price we all need to pay for our greatness is in our hands. Too many times we are looking at the price tag for somebody else’s greatness so we work harder and harder, sacrificing more and more to get what is not meant for us. If every time you want to pay for it you fall short, then you really need to ask yourself if you are pursuing the right thing.

Work from where you are and as you pursue what your true calling is, you will find that you have the price to pay for your next level of greatness.