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The challenge

Challenge is not necessarily a bad thing when you come to realise the motivation for the challenge in the first place. People usually place a challenge for genuine reasons to them.

I love to explain things because that is one of my core gift areas, but I find that there are about 3 types of audiences who listen. There are those who will believe every word you say because you are the speaker. There is a challenge here on your integrity because this audience makes it easy for you to say stuff without and need to cross check if it right or wrong.

There is another type of audience who want the details of everything you have to say, this is the perfect audience for the teaching style that loves to explain. They make the preparation for the presentation worth it. And finally, we have the impatient group, they want you to get to the point quickly without waffling on.

All three groups come with a unique kind of challenge to the presenter, and if their challenge is taken on board, then it makes the speaker quite thorough, concise and interesting to listen to. There are challenges we face everyday in every single area, so, have you investigated the reasons for the challenge? If you do, then you are well on your way to becoming seasoned and effective in that area of expertise.