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Plan to action

Do you ever get that feeling that you are not ready to start what you would really love to be doing? You have researched, spoken to friends about it, gone on courses, trialled doing it as a hobby or part time thing, but you are not yet at that point where you feel you can launch it to the world.

Here is some advice that may help you a little. Try going to an event where someone who has started that thing you are trying to do, and is successful at it, is speaking. Listen to their story, listen for what they know. You may find that you know as much as they do. The one key difference between you and them is that they are doing it.

What you need right now is a plan to action right away. Start by getting yourself out there, networking and building relationships. Ask questions from those who are in the game, and take note of the minimum things that need to be in place to start. Pick a date and just start.

Don’t overthink it, don’t overanalyse it, because you have already done all the thinking and analysing in the last few months or years when you were considering it. Keep your plan simple and put yourself out there, then hit the ground running.