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The importance of sleep

In the name of productivity and achievement, some people have actually devalued the importance of sleep. While too much sleep is the perfect practice for inheriting nothing, on the other hand, too little sleep will rob us of the benefits of a healthy mind and body.

Psychologists have discovered that it is the action of sleep that helps the brain to take things from short term memory to long term memory. They have also discovered that sleep regulates bodily functions and reduces stress.

Another important thing about sleep is that it helps to reset our will power. Our will power depletes over time and we get weaker in our resolve to do things or to refrain from doing them. If you resolve to diet, for instance, and half way through the day you are tempted to give up, studies have shown that a short power nap will reenergise you to follow that purpose through.

We cannot function effectively without the right balance of sleep, so we should do all we can to get better at managing it.