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Being clear about it

Clarity is is wonderful thing because it is able to give the most accurate depiction about a situation or a thing. Most times, clarity for one person is different from that of another, and can be limited to what we perceive.

Growing up in West Africa, we always had the odd encounter with one wild animal or another especially on the outskirts of town. Let me tell you a story, a group saw a snake down the path leading to the water pumps, and one said, “That’s a snake, I am turning back”, another went further to investigate and said, “It looks like a poisonous snake, I am turning back”, and the third went further, observed the beast and reported to the rest, “It is an African cobra, I am definitely turning back”.

The question is, who had clarity? The first man was clear that any type of snake was a no for him. The second man maybe could have gone on if it were a non poisonous snake, but was clear that he would proceed no further around poisonous snakes. Finally, the third man might have had experiences with poisonous snakes that he could handle, but when he discovered it was an African cobra, he was clear that it was a no go area for him.

The important thing about clarity is that you know what you want, and also what you don’t want. It helps you to make decisions that best suit your circumstances. Sometimes, we don’t all need the same amount of information to be clear, so do not feel pressured to have the exact same information as someone else before you make up your mind.