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When what you lost matters

We loose things all the time, and sometimes what we lost may not be that important. Well, at least we think so, but we must recognise that it is important to practice good stewardship with everything that comes into our hand.
I just love the story of a man who went on a hike with 3 children and lost them on the trail, he managed to quickly find two of them but one was still missing. When you think about it from a numerical perspective 2 out of 3 is not a bad recovery. However, the man asked himself, what will I tell their mother? That spurred him on to keep searching to find the final child and he did eventually.

You have been endowed with gifts, talents, resources and more. These are all part of a set of competencies in your life. To feel it’s ok to loose one of these without it having any impact on your life results is erroneous.

Think again about the man and the children, sometimes loosing one thing affects the other things it has a relationship to.  

I had a situation where I left a job which I didn’t need to, but I thought it didn’t matter as I could get another one easily. The loss of utilising my skills coupled with a loss of income had a knock on effect on morale. This affected a key personal project I was working on and the lapse in focus led to significant delays and unexpected costs.

Understand what is in your life and it’s relationship to everything else. Protect those things that will have the greatest impact on everything else if they get lost.