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The limit of limitations

I heard one of the worlds top performance psychologists say, “Limits are physical, limitations are psychological” – Denis Waitley.

It reminded me of the story of the fully grown elephant who was tied with a rope to a small stump in the ground. This huge creature with the ability to take down a tree could not break free from the seemingly ineffective tether that kept it bound. How is that even possible?

You have to understand the story of that elephant, it was conditioned, from when it was a baby and physically unable to break free from a rope, it was made to believe that it would never be strong enough to break free.

So here we have a massive elephant who has outgrown what is it’s limit (the physical rope and stump), but has never outgrown what is it’s limitation (the psychological belief that it can’t break the limit).

May we recognise that our limits are only as strong as our limitations. May we understand that we have grown and become stronger than what used to have power over us. May we break free from every psychological chain that keeps freedom as a thing far flung into the future. May we rise up today and walk out on the things that have held us down in places we ought not to be.