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The burden of freedom

The human being was not designed to be kept in bondage to anything or anyone, that is why the human spirit always craves freedom and resists every form of oppression that tries to curb it.

There is however another side of freedom which some who fight for it are unaware of and not able to come to grips with. Freedom comes with the burden of responsibility and accountability for it. Those who can’t handle it usually fall back into that bondage they fought so hard to come out of.

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to get out of my parents house so I could be free. I soon discovered that my freedom required the responsibility of managing myself and my resources. I had to start earning, saving, planning, taking care of bills for myself and a host of other things.

While we prepare to go to another level of freedom in any area of life, we must prepare ourselves for the responsibility that comes with that freedom. This is indeed crucial for us to be able to thrive in our new freedom and ensures we do not regress into previous limitations.