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The most important one

You know how the safety instructions given at the commencement of a flight encourages us to put on our own mask first before we cater to others around us in the event of an emergency? The same should apply to other areas of life too. We don’t live hoping for catastrophe, but we should always be reminded and prepared for them when they do come.

It seems the assumption is that we only look out for ourselves first in emergencies or when things are unpredictable or abnormal, and it makes sense because if we are not well in such circumstances, we cannot truly help others. But let me ask you, have you really ever encountered a day that you did not meet someone who required help?

There is always the unpredictable or abnormal waiting to happen when we least expect, so why don’t we live ready? Don’t put off planning your finances and saving today, for someone will need your financial strength. Don’t put off eating right, dieting and exercising, for someone will need your physical health. Don’t put off learning, improving and growing, for someone will need your intellectual prowess. Don’t abandon faith, belief and existence beyond what we understand, because someone will need your spiritual strength.

Each day you wake up, you have to remember to take care of the most important one, and that is you. This is not being selfish, in fact, on the contrary it is being responsible to put your best efforts into you because the help and safety of others definitely depends on the wellbeing of you.