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Cast a shadow

So I am out jogging again, its quite early in the morning and the sun is still hidden below the horizon but a very faint orange light slowly creeps up into the sky.
It is dark and I can barely make out the tracks on which I am running. As the time goes by and the sun rises, I begin to notice a very faint shadow of my frame cast on the field, it is hardly distinguishable from the rest of the darkness.
As the dawn breaks and the darkness fades, the only remembrance of the night is my shadow chasing me around the circuit.

We liken the light to what exposes truth and the darkness and shadows to doubts or what conceals it. “Beyond a shadow of doubt” is an expression used to convey that something is of utmost truth or authenticity, however, in the presence of light, a shadow validates the substance of a thing. The fake points to the real, the counterfeit calls out to the original.
Sometimes, there is a need to start working  on your life’s goal in a place of darkness where no one notices any progress you are making, but be sure to hang around long enough to cast a shadow when the light shows up.

There is an African proverb that says “It doesn’t matter how long a lie has run for when the truth wakes up, it overtakes that lie”. 
Don’t be afraid to keep working in the darkness or shadows for the darkness will give way to light and the shadow will outline the powerful results you have created.
Go and cast a shadow!