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Why are you not rich?

I learnt a technique of problem solving years back, called the 5 why’s, which highlighted the need to ask why a situation was the way it was, and for each time an answer is given then ask why that answer, and repeat this process a total of 5 times.

As humans, we will never address what we have not clearly identified and understood to be a problem for us. At other times, we focus on the symptoms rather than on the root causes, but we end up going round in cycles. Asking why as many times as necessary helps us go beyond the fa├žade of our problems and we uncover what really needs to be done if things are to change.

So, why are you not rich? Is it because of education, opportunity, no support etc. If so, you need to ask yourself again why? It is an uncomfortable process to do this and if you are being honest with yourself, at the root of it you will find that there is something you can do, which you haven’t done, that will break you out of where you are now.

It’s not just about riches though. Why are you not fulfilled? Why are you not in the best shape of your life? Why are you not married? Why are you not loved? Why have you not reached that accomplishment? The list could go on, but the process to an honest answer is the same. Why? Why? Why?