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Had I known

If we could tell for certain the outcome of situations we face, the quality of our decisions would be so much better.

So how is it that some people seem to get it right more often and more consistently than others?

I guess one of the secrets is the ability to study the trends and interpret them for future actions. Take for instance the issue of debts, the stats show that people who have a habit of spending less than they earn are more likely to be debt free. It goes further to say that people that save constantly are also less likely to be in debt.

What are the trends in the areas you are looking for improvement? have you taken the time to study and really apply yourself to know as much as you can in that area? Have you found experts and those that have done consistently better and asked their advice?

Don’t live in regret when you have the chance to make a difference now, don’t wait for the event to pass and then exclaim, “had I known!”
Do what you can now to ensure you have covered all your bases, so that no matter the outcome you will feel satisfied that you did your best to get the results you desired.