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Don’t let fear in

Imagination is a powerful faculty that we have. It is the thing that enables us to see a future that has not yet happened.

If our imagination is filled with faith and positive feelings, we will have constructive visions of the future, and we will attract its manifestation. If our imagination is filled with fear and negative feelings, we will be looking at a future filled with despair.

Have you ever found yourself going for an interview or a meeting and being overcome with fear that the people you are meeting with will not like you? Even though that feeling may be unfounded, the fear paints a really bleak picture of the outcome. Most times we actually pull ourselves together and break through that feeling of fear, we find ways to talk ourselves out of it as we focus on the outcomes that we want.

Whatever it is you are trying to do, make sure you set a guard on your imagination and don’t let the fear in.