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Behind every successful man is the devil

This is not a lesson on how one can gain power from the occult, it is however another unique perspective so please read on.

I am sure you have heard this repeatedly said, “behind every successful man is a woman”.

Maybe that statement is not quite correct because marriage is a partnership of sorts and the woman comes along, beside the man to build a family and future.

So why would the devil behind a man make him successful? I can’t help but refer to what Jesus Christ said – “Get behind me Satan”. He told the devil to get behind so that He could focus on what He had to do.

In a court of law saying ‘the devil made me do it’ is never an excuse. You are ultimately responsible for what you do.

What devil is hindering you? Could it be excuses, laziness, backbiters, lack of money, disadvantaged upbringing, haters, procrastination, personal vices, painful experiences, ignorance, frenemies, impossibilities, the past and so on.

Any successful person will give you a catalogue of  things they put behind them to go on and achieve what was thought impossible.

Consider this statement, “A man is as much as what he has put behind him as what he has done before him.”

Put that devil behind you and go on and achieve great success.