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Wealthy state of mind

I have been doing a study from the beginning of the year on creating a sustainable and stable inflow of finances to meet the basic needs of the family. It has been pleasant to discover and be reminded of a few things that do not put wealth out of the reach of the average person.

One of the key things that has really stood out for me is the advice of a number of super wealthy people alluding to the fact that being wealthy is a behaviour driven by a state of mind.

The love for people and being interested in helping them solve problems, the ability to form relationships and be likeable, a state of contentment and gratitude with what you have or achieve, and much more similar advice were nuggets that were shared.

You are not going to behave like this when you become wealthy, it is this type of wholesome behaviour that gets you to a state of wealth. To really prosper is more about you becoming a better person, imbibing better values as you go along. This is where true wealth starts.