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Problems and problem solvers

Problems are meant to be solved and every single one of them has a solution. It takes time, the will, knowledge, and patience to get past every problem.

Some have problems and lament, ‘why me?’ They give up pursuing the path they desire to avoid the problem in the way. Yet there are others who would say, ‘I will get through this no matter how tough it seems, there is surely a way through.’ These ones persist until they find a way to move ahead despite the debilitating setbacks.

I heard the story of a couple who had a son born with spinal deformities which meant he would be unable to walk for the rest of his life. They had to put on hold their thriving business for a whole year to attend to him. When they picked up thier businesses again, they bounced back and became very successful and influential, in spite of the challenges they still faced with their son. One of the things they learnt through the process was how to become really good at solving problems. They developed a sense of tenacity to never give up in pursuing a desired outcome.

After the initial shock of what was their reality, they dusted themselves off and thought through, planned and executed how they would still live their lives well in spite of their challenge. Today, they have helped thousands personally and in business. The Dornan’s have certainly not allowed problems to be a limitation, but rather a catalyst to be all they desired to be.

We need to revisit the role of problems in our lives. Yes we would rather not have them, but they are the very thing that we need to turn us into more rounded, tenacious and effective solution minded individuals.