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A turning point

We either get to a turning point or a breaking point when we are going down the wrong road. Fairy number 15 kept amassing more and more false teeth which the Queen fairy kept using to build her fortunes.

One day, she stumbled upon the jack pot of false teeth in the dentists office. That night she found teeth everywhere on his shelf. The dentist had become really busy making false teeth as all the people in town who used them had theirs already taken by fairy 15.

She packed and packed false teeth in her bag to whisk them back to fairy land, but she was terribly exhausted from carrying more than she should for so many nights in succession. She then lay down to rest in the dentist chair and fell asleep.

The next morning, the dentist found her in his chair, she had been busted. She woke up and cried and cried, knowing she had been found out, was late in reporting back to the Queen fairy and that she would loose her job.

The dentist was kind enough and listened to her plight. She was a product of a broken system, so he asked her if she really wanted to return to that job. She said no and then accepted the offer of the dentist to work for him. The dentist was able to use her skills to aid him in serving the children and old people of the town.

We must seek out a turning point when we realise that we are going down the wrong road. Its never too late to take corrective action to get our life’s purpose back on track. Hope for the good fortune of meeting someone who will appreciate you and your skills, and give you advice that best matches who you are and not what they want to achieve.