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Learn from the best

In the days that we live, no one has an excuse to not excel in whatever area they function. Knowledge that made a difference was the preserve of just a few, a couple of hundred years ago. Areas of knowledge like engineering were still emerging, and techniques to learning was also developing.

Today however, there are vast bodies of knowledge which have been compiled, tested and applied successfully for many years. New frontiers in these areas of knowledge are being pushed by those that have been properly instructed by the preceding generations, and they have become the best at those fields, because they were taught by the best.

Maybe you don’t have direct access to be trained by the best in person, but, there is the internet or books that you can use to access thier tutelage. So, if you want to get better at selling, find the best sales person, there is a system they use that has been proven and if you follow it, you will improve significantly. Find the best engineer, seamstress, counsellor, footballer, singer, guitarist, mechanic, speaker, etc.

Why limit yourself to knowledge that is only available at your location which may even be outdated, when you can access the latest information from the best minds to transform your efforts into amazing results?