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Rhythm of progress

As someone who was not particularly blessed with the gift of dancing, I have spent a bit of time trying to understand how to do it better. The instructors would say, move to the rhythm, move to the beat.

There is a rhythm to every piece of music, and the dancer knows how to catch that beat and move with it. They hear the beat, but they also understand the offbeat. To get into the beat, you must be prepared to latch onto it from an offbeat.

Progress is like a stream of flowing music that you need to move with to get great results in life. You must prepare yourself in the place that is not seeing much movement, the offbeat of life, so that when the next beat comes around, you jump onto it and keep moving to the beat then resting, refreshing and re-planning on the off beat, waiting for the next beat to come around.

Just like a good dancer, you can learn to cooperate with all the forces of life that make progress happen, and move with them. Move with a teachable heart, move with mentors, move with knowledge, move with opportunity, move with hard work, move with the willingness to lead, move with curiosity, move with the ability to take risks, move with what other successful people have moved with.

Remember, you can study on the offbeat what will make you move successfully with the rhythm of progress.