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Exclusive or inclusive tribe?

Every single one of us is a part of some type of tribe, whether it is racial, philosophical, professional, economical, cultural etc. A tribe is not just a group of semi-naked individuals living in some remote parts of the earth, it also includes exclusive clubs, societal classes, or even digital groups and communities.

There are two ways a tribe can come across. The first one is sending a clear message to outsiders, “You don’t belong here”, you don’t look like us, you don’t talk like us, you don’t think like us… In fact, we are better off without you, we are better than you. The second gives off a vibe of “This is who we are and we love it”, wouldn’t it be great to be like us, if you do what it takes we may let you in…

These two types of tribes, exclusive or inclusive, have existed for centuries. It may seem that the exclusive tribe has survived more than the inclusive one, but they have also been the cause of the spread of much hatred and discord among people. One may feel that the inclusive tribe is one of compromise, however, they have done much to bring equity and justice among all people.

What type of tribe are you a part of? What type of tribe are you building? What is your contribution to making this world a better place?