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Help or business?

There is an old joke about certain business owners praying to God to increase thier business. So what exactly did the undertaker pray for? As morbidly funny as it sounds, it is the reality of life that there are people who make a living off the things that we would rather not think about or be caught dead doing.

So did they get into business to prise away money to the disadvantage of others, or did thier business actually emerge out of a genuine response to something that was needed and useful to others?

The basis of business is in meeting a need that people have, this means that anything you are inclined to help people with can actually be turned into a business. Is this taking advantage of others? Absolutely not! Even though that is a very popular view in some circles.

There are loads of people who need help, and they would not mind paying someone a fee to get that help. It is fine to help one or two people for free and then go about your day job or other activities that will pay your bill. However, if you want to help hundreds and possibly thousands of people, you will not have any time to take care of your own needs, so this is where the exchange of payment for service comes in. In other words, business.

We should be grateful for those in business who carry out services that we would rather not think about, or are not skilled to do. As you engage them to help you, also remember that you can get paid to help others too.