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There are a significant number of companies that have built multimillion dollar organisations through redistribution activities. So prevalent are thier services that they become as popular as the companies that manufacture the best products. Millions of customers worldwide have come to rely on distribution networks to access goods they have purchased.

Sometimes, the closest link a customer has to the manufacturing company is the distributor. But as useful as the distributor is to the manufacturers and the end users, they can never, and indeed should never pose to be the producer of the goods. That action could jeopardise thier relationship with the manufacturers and lead to loss of business.

Have you ever considered that many of the roles you play in life is that of a redistributor? You may represent a family, a profession, a company or even a religion. Your function is to deliver on the value and promises of what you represent to the best of your abilities. Sometimes, one could get so caught up in doing such a good job that unconsciously they begin to assume the place of the originator, some people call this the God-complex.

We must examine our lives carefully and discern between what has been committed to us to redistribute, and what we actually originated. We must beware of pride especially when we realise we are only a part of a system that facilitates the redistribution of knowledge, values and products that originated in generations past.

There is nothing wrong in being a redistributor, and doing it joyfully could lead you to discover unique innovations that can become substance originating from you to the world around you.