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Are you stable?

Stability is one of those attributes that are so important yet can be taken for granted when present. I learnt in physics and chemistry, that most of the elements we use in our day to day lives exhibit stability and that’s why we can use them productively. I also learnt of other elements which are considered unstable, and very destructive when they come in contact with anything around them.

Over the years, scientists have found ways to handle unstable elements and harness them for some good. It takes a lot of effort and resources though to handle these types of elements.

In our emotional states we can also exhibit stability or we can be very irrational. A truly mature person harnesses their emotions to exhibit stability as they deal with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. On the other hand, you have those who are erratic and you never know what to expect from them in different scenarios. The effort and emotional cost of dealing with such persons can be quite enormous, and so we usually tend to avoid them.

Ask yourself, “Am I exhibiting stability in my dealings with others?” “What can I do to be more consistent with the values I believe and want to live?”
Don’t make the price of others being around you too high because you will certainly need them to attain the desires that you have for life.