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A shadow of myself

You have probably heard the expression of one being a shadow of thier former self. It signifies a decline in the characteristics that made them who they were, for instance, a bubbly personality could become quite bland and pessimistic. It is usually as a result of a series of traumatic events that people get reduced to a shadow of themselves.

A shadow only occurs where there is an entity that has moved, in relation to the light, in such a way that it obscures the light and casts a shadow. When the position of the entity in relation to the light is right, you will actually find no shadows, just like when the sun is shinning directly above.

To get out of the shadows, we must move into the light. The substance and truth of who you are is real, unlike a two-dimensional shadow. You are not what you have been through, you are not what you have been trained to do, you are not what you have, and you are not your past, however good or bad. All these are shadows that are only able to represent the real you much less accurately than you are.

If you are casting a shadow, then that means there is a substance of you. If you are casting a shadow, it also means you have a direct line to the light no matter how far away it is. All is not lost therefore, so, start making a move back into the light, into the places that show you up for who you really are. Start getting around people that inspire you again. Don’t let the final phases of your life be lived on the fringes, but get back on your centre stage and live out the beauty of who you really are.