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I’ll do it when I want

I’ll do it when I want! Could this be the best way to get things done? I remember when I was growing up, that was absolutely the wrong answer to give to any of my parents when I was asked to do stuff.

Now that I am my own man and don’t necessarily need to answer to anyone in that regard, can I now do what I want when I want? It might work for some people, but personally I have found that there is a proper time to get things done.

Let’s take meal times for instance, nutritionist advise when the best times to eat are. You may have ignored them for years but it has clearly been proven medically the dangers of eating at the wrong times. Either not eating early enough or eating too late in the night have undesirable effects on the body.

I have found that if I wake up 30 minutes later than I usually do, then it becomes quite difficult to complete certain tasks I planned to do that day as the best time to do them for me would be early in the morning in that 30 minutes.

You need to find what is the very best time to get things done, whether for yourself or for others. The level of results you will get when things are done at the right time far outweigh the results of doing it when you want.