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Not my cup of tea

So you say that thing or person is not your cup of tea, but I find that it could have been if the situation was managed differently

You see, to get the perfect cup of tea with just the right flavour, the teabag has to be in the hot water for just the right amount of time. Pull it out too quickly and you have a weak brew tasting like hot water, or leave it in too long and the brew becomes too bitter, stains the cup and your teeth, and in most cases is unfit to drink.

When I came out of University, my first interview for a job at a consultancy firm didn’t go so well. The interviewer was excessively unkind, and I left there feeling like I didn’t qualify for a reasonable career. For years after that, I never took my career seriously. I had a reset in my thinking though when I met another gentleman who was quite encouraging.

A couple of years after meeting him and working more confidently in my career, I got a call from one of the top consulting organisations in the world. I was quite surprised that the hiring manager had seen my CV on a job board and wanted to interview me. In a few weeks time, I got offered the role and started working for BCG.

Before you make a decision about whether something is for you or not, be sure to do your homework properly and be willing to hang around for long enough to get the right information to make that decision. Don’t be too hasty in deciding, and at the same time, don’t over analyse all the facts.
Ensure that you actually leave the teabag in the hot water for long enough and only then can you accurately say, “It’s not my cup of tea”.