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Have you made a mark?

I am working on my fitness goal and so I went jogging this morning. As I circled the football field a couple of times, I started feeling breathless and wanted to stop and catch my breath. I had only been going for about 5 mins but somehow remembered that about 30 mins of moderate physical exercise daily is what the experts encourage to realise any meaningful result.

With that in mind, I pushed past my original feelings and pressed on. As I made that decision, my body slowly responded and I caught a second wind. I couldn’t help but notice the lusciousness of the green grass on which I ran and as I increased the number of laps, I began to notice that a trail was slowly forming revealing the path on which I trod.

My aim was not to make a mark but rather to reach a meaningful goal I had subscribed to.

People who made a mark did not start out intending to do so. They rather had a purpose and vision of a worthy future which they sought to bring into reality. As they kept at it overcoming various obstacles along the way to arrive at their desired goal, it was soon noticed that they had blazed a trail and made a mark.

You have to stick to your purpose mentally until it creates a path in your mind that cannot be ignored. As you consistently act on it in your daily life, you will soon discover that you have made a mark with your life that will not go unnoticed.