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Give something they need

Gifts play a vital role in many societies and they are given at simple or momentous occasions. You can’t help but notice those that either give flamboyant gifts or give in a flamboyant way. However the gift is given, we must consider more importantly what the receiver benefits from that gift.

I heard a radio presenter talk about giving to a need being the best way to give. It struck me as I listened that I might have been missing a trick in my giving.

What does a wealthy man need? That question shot through my mind and immediately tested the formula I had just heard. The reality is that everyone has a need in one area or another. It may be material or not. Some are in need of love, acceptance, safety, protection, respect, self esteem, companionship, shelter, food, clothing, a few more dollars, and the list could go on.

Identifying what a person really needs means thinking about them, taking the focus off yourself and being consumed by satisfying another.

What we have to give may not require a physical gift, but it takes real mastery to package a gift that satisfies both a material and immaterial need.