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Collect it for use

We sometimes fall into that cycle of collecting things that we eventually do not use. For instance, we store our plastic bags from our shopping intending to use them again, yet months go by and we realise that we have a cupboard full of plastic bags.

This same scenario applies to so many other things we collect which we perceive to be valuable to us. Money and material wealth are top of the collectible list for loads of people and they amass as much as they can so that after taking care of thier necessities there is much left over. However, having a lot of money and not using it is pointless. Is it possible to have money and not use it? Absolutely!

There are people that have a fortune sitting in all types of assets and financial instruments doing nothing worthwhile for anyone. As with money, so it is with knowledge. No matter how much of it you amass, it helps no one if it is not used.

Do an inventory of all the things that you are working so hard to collect and ask yourself, am I really using it? Don’t be a curator of collectible things that you cannot use. Life is lived to the full when we are able to use all that we acquire or that comes to us.