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The round about

In most countries where they have round about’s, and do observe the driving conventions, any car on the round about has the right of way and all other cars should give it priority to proceed without disturbance until it comes off the round about. This gives the driver time to navigate and make a decision on which turn to take.

Just like at a round about, when we seem to be going around in circles in life, trying to navigate which path to take, people generally tend to leave us alone. I remember a sales man trying to get me to buy a special holiday offer, he laboured for some time giving me all the benefits and costs of the package, then trying to convince me to make a purchase. When it was time to make the decision he said, I will give you some time to think about it, and he left me alone to ponder my response.

Your time to choose is like being on the round about, so never let anyone try to pressure you out of your right to choose. At this point you have the right of way. If however you linger in making a choice, you could be in a position where you are holding others up and they will not wait for you forever.

When it comes to making your choice remember the rules of the round about, and be ready to act, not too hastily and not too reluctantly. You are in the drivers seat, and you have been given leeway, so get on with it as best as you can.