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Don’t take them for granted

At the discovery of that man or woman of your dreams, there was an anticipation to know them better. This led to several plans of how to spend time with them, like on calls, over a meal, at the movies, for a walk or drive, basically any avenue to get to know them better.

Once we settle down with that partner, there is a subtle tendency to begin to take them for granted. As the years roll by, the challenges of life get in the way and what was once a fiery romance begins to turn cold, we could even begin to despise the one we once professed love to.

Marriage counsellors will always talk about the importance of keeping the relationship fresh by improving knowledge of each other, borrowing the concepts of dating helps to do so, like at the beginning of the relationship when the sparks were flying.

Relationships start with conversation and anticipation to discover a person. That conversation, that anticipation, never has to stop. We just need to create ways in which we can continue practicing them.

A lifetime is too short to know all there is to know about any one person. So the next time you are tempted to take your special one for granted, remind yourself that the best to know about them is still to come.