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Clear your mind

What do you do when your mind is swamped with thoughts of things to be done such that you begin to lose focus and it actually hampers you from doing anything?
How do you deal with the anxiety and the overwhelming feeling that you are about to lose control?

Someone said that the feeling of overwhelm is not because of the amount of things you have to do, but a lack of clarity on how to do them. There is therefore nothing better to be done in these high pressure situations than to seek clarity.

Most times, the answer is in you, but because your mind is cluttered, you can’t quite get to it. I misplaced my car keys once, and needing to go to an important event I began to look for the spare key. I knew where it was, but it was in a cluttered room in a cluttered cupboard. Panic set in as the time for my meeting drew near, but I had to calm myself down and piece by piece declutter the room and the cupboard until I found the keys.

You need to work out how to clear your mind when you are beginning to feel overwhelmed. I find that a nice long walk in serene surroundings does wonders for me. How do you clear your mind?